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Sunday, November 12, 2006

You Can't go to Church!

An appropriate post for a Sunday -

Do you know that it is impossible to go to church? No place in the Bible do you find Christ followers “going to church.” But all to often we talk of the church as a denomination, building or place where certain religious things happen. We talk about “going to church,” or I’m a member of such and such church, or we attend so and so church. As Dan Kimball says in his book “The Emerging Church,” we see the church “as a dispenser of religious goods and services. People come to church to be fed, to have their needs met through quality programs, and to have the professionals teach their children about God.” This is not the Biblical meaning of church and it often has a profound effect on how we view who and what we are as Christians.
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From Rick Meig over at The Blind Begger

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