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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shoot-First Apologetics

I just came across this one on the Christianity Today site. As someone whose been known to "shoot first" I thought it was quite poigniant.

I was chided recently by someone who was upset with me because of my extensive dialogues with Mormon scholars. "How can you engage in friendly conversations with people who believe such terrible things?" he asked me. I tried to explain that if we are going to criticize Mormonism, it should be on matters that they actually believe, not on what we think they believe. I said the best way to know Mormon beliefs is to actually engage in dialogue with Mormons.
The rest is HERE.

In case, like me you're wondering - this is a grackle.


David said...

Perhaps you can post a bluebird next to the grackle so we can compare them.

Of maybe, put a bluebird next to the grackle and then make them both very small so we can see if there is a difference.

..some good advice in that post, thanks.

The Creature said...

:) Cheers David.