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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Emerging, Emergent, Emerging Missional?

What is the difference between the Emergent Church, the Emerging Church and the Emerging Missional Church?

If I had to pick one label out of these that most closely described where my head is at, at the moment I would pick the Emerging Missional Church. Which are you and why?


jerry said...

I believe Missional is the function of a church -

emerging is a form :)

I want to see all chuches be missional

The Creature said...

Sounds pretty good to me. I work for a fairly traditional cogregation but we are very "missional" in our outlook. The thing is we are also having to "emerge" (if that's the correct description) in order to be more effective.

I sense there is a difference between the "emergent" and the "emerging" tho - the emergent side of things seems to, generally, be more theologically liberal than the emerging missional. Is this an accurate observation?

One of Freedom said...

I am part of the emerging church in Canada, but this whole need to label something that has been a natural function of the Church throughout history is problemmatic. I'd prefer to just take the one label Christian and work from there. But for some the label helps so in that case just plain Emerging.

The Creature said...

Frank - you are into Midnight Oil! One of my all time favourite bands. You're the first person outside Australia I have come across who knows them.

Ok - so by your response I am guessing you are saying there really isn't any difference between the emergent and the emerging?

I agree with you on the "labels" side of things, but I think it can be helpful to understand what the labels mean and why they have been asigned in understanding the "thing" that has been labeled.

I know I hate being labeled myself and perfer to go as either simply a Christian or a follower of Jesus depending on where I am and who I am with.

Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully we can see you around here again. BTW - What's your favourite "oil's" tune?