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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Happening ...

As of January I'm coming off the preaching roster for Sunday's and Alyssa and I are starting our alternative gathering! I presented the idea to the leadership at a meeting on Monday night. and while I am not sure everyone exactly gets where we are coming from, we were given in-principle support.

At this stage it looks like we'll be starting in February. So now it's off into the unknown again - and, I can hardly wait!

Coffee in the Arvo will be kicking off again in January as well. I have had a bit of feedback from last weeks cafe afternoon and it seems that a few of our church goers just couldn't help themselves. A couple of "invitations" to Bible studies went out to some of the guests from the community. Hopefully it was all appropriate and we will get to see them again, but I couldn't help cringing when I found out.


Big Dave said...

God' blessing on you and your journey.

I look forward to your progress.

The journey will continue to change you for a long time to come.

The Creature said...

Thanks mate - I appreciate it.

We gotta catch up some time. I am really interested in hearing more about "re-create".