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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

House Church or Neighbourhood Church?

JR Woodward (don't know his first name - only his initials) of Dream Awakener points out that the house-church only model of church may be limited in its true scope when trying to cultivate a truly missional church. He advocates the "neighbourhood church" where house churches are a part of the bigger picture.

...I am more of a fan of the neighborhood church of 100 to 500 that seeks to embody the good news to the neighborhood, than I am of the house church "only" model. In my context, I sense that providing public weekly gatherings of worship alongside of home groups or house churches enables greater transformation as well as builds richer community. This combination creates opportunity for God to work in each of these various spaces. It is probably one reason that the early church gathered at the temple grounds and from house to house. I often wonder if the house church "only" movement is primarily a reaction to the mega-church and those who have become disillusioned. While I am a fan of the house church, I am a greater fan of the neighborhood church.
You can read the whole post HERE.


Anonymous said...

the question that I have is will a larger gathering detract from rapid multiplication that can happen in a organic/home church setting.

The Creature said...

Good question.

We are embarking on a bit of an experiment that, while not being anything near the scale of things Wooward is talking about involves a similar way of thinking. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Off the top of my head though I am thinking perhaps if the "house" setting is the primary environment and the "neighbourhood" gathering a secondary one it might work.

The model we are working on centers around this concept with a once-a-month combined meeting and shared meal with our traditional congregation. The house meeting will be the primary meeting for most of those involved.

What do you think? What's your experience?