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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rwanda Mission Partnership

I have just started a new blog site for the Rwanda Mission Partnership - a partnership between the Christian Unity Fellowship (CUF) in Rwanda and Day 4 in Australia.

This partnership has been in operation for nearly 4 years now and has been involved in community aid and development projects, church planting and evangelism and church development.

I led a team to Rwanda in 2004 where we took part in a number of activities and we are going back in 2007.

The CUF is led by an amazing man, John Mihigo. John took his church and family from a regular neighbourhood in Kigali to one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the city where they minister to victims of the AIDS epidemic, orphans, widows, and some of the poorest of Kigali's people. I am privellaged to be able to count John as one of my best friends.

Rwanda is my second home, I just wish I could get back there more often.

The website/blog can be found at Hopefully John will be a regular contributor to the blog. He should be on the air with his wireless broadband in a couple of days which will make things easier for him.

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