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Monday, November 27, 2006

Church - It's Harmful

This picture was the end result of a group session at work last week. We were brainstorming activities that could cause harm and we then 'unpacked' a few of them.

All of them were the guys suggestions - note number 2! Though we weren't able to assertain what it was they thought was harmful about church - other than maybe choking on a communion wafer or drowning during baptism - my suggestions, not theirs!

Gotta love 'em!


Shannon said...

That's funny and sadly true. I'm afraid there is a reason that 28 million people left the church in the last decade. Maybe they found it hazardous to their health. Or worse yet. Maybe church became hazardous to their spiritual welfare!

Helen said...

I would have loved to hear why they thought church is harmful - it's a shame you couldn't get them to tell you why they wrote that down.

Do you think it was a joke - maybe they were teasing you?

The Creature said...

Shannon - yep, the church has done a serious amount of damage to people. I have been on the receiving end of it myself. Thankfully I learnt early on that it is Jesus that I need to rely on, even if I can't always rely on the people who claim to follow Him. The other side, of course, is that there are also a great many people in the church who do reflect Jesus in their lives (albeit imperfectly), and I am thankful these followers of Jesus and the impact they have had on my life!

Helen - yeah - they were teasing me! And I love it that they feel they can.

Helen said...

Andrew - yes, if they were teasing you that indicates you have a good relationship with them!

Anonymous said...

church harmful? Maybe the person who gave that idea had stolen the complete stash of communion wine from the Catholic parish? Forget choking on the wafer.