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Friday, December 01, 2006

Fundraising for African Projects - Rwanda

Yep there's that horrible "F" word - fundraising!

This is an ongoing and difficult part of the mission partnership I helped set up a few years ago. With a trip coming up (fast) in May next year I thought I would throw the line out into the bloggosphere and hopefully attract a few bites.

Some of the projects we have undertaken in the last 12 months:

  • Purchase of several acres of land in Umutara district for church plant.

  • The construction (being undertaken as you read this!) 0f two more 10,000 litre rainwater tanks on Mt Kigali for the use of the poverty stricken community that resides there. This is in addition to the single 10,000 litre tank installed during our visit in 2004 (pictured below).

  • The continued provision of wages for two school teachers working in the Unity Academy community school on Mt Kigali.

These are just a few of the ongoing projects funded, resourced or supported by the Mission Partnership. Other programs operated by CUF include an AIDS ministry, and a vocational training project for widows and orphan girls.

The website is HERE - we are also looking for some sponsorship towards the cost of attending the Amahoro Africa gathering in Uganda in May. We are hoping to get two delegates along - John, the leader of the CUF in Rwanda and me. In any event, John will definitely be going and has already met with some of Amahoro's people.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and for considering if this is something you might be able to support.


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