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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taking a Break

Well, it's nearly Christmas and I have holidays starting in around 2 weeks time (and I can hardly wait). But in the meantime I've got reports to write, am preparing our training program for endorsement by the Education Department and preparing for the new year with it's cafe afternoons, Friday evening gatherings and overseas travels.

I am also finding it difficult to blog in a meaningful way at the moment - I am struggling a bit with introspection - not sure what to do about it - and don't want these frustrations and feelings to be reflected in what I write here. I know that further on down the track I might live to regret it! :) So I'm taking a bit of a blogging break - while there might be an irregular post or two I'm not going to be bothering with the daily updates for while.

But I am pretty sure I'll be back, maybe once Christmas and the associated madness that seems to follow it has subsided and I've had a chance to think again about where we are heading as a family, where I'm heading in my church and ministry and life, and where this blog sits in all of that.

To those that regularly frequent Moved Mountains - thanks! And to everyone, have a great Christ-centred Christmas and safe and blessed holiday. See you on the other side.


Shannon said...

Thanks for the thoughts you have freely given, they have been great. I'll miss not seeing something regular from you but it sounds as though there are more important things at hand. Take care and I'll be looking for those "irregular posts". In the meantime, I'll be praying for you, your family, your church and your decisions. Take care and God bless you!


David said...

Best wishes, and I look forward to the the future posts you bring.

Happy Christmas!

The Creature said...

Thanks guys! Have a great Christmas.