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Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm It!

Jamie over at More Than Stone has 'tagged' me. I had read about this little game of tag going on over on John Smulo's blog. Not sure where it originated but is a beaut bit of fun!

So here's the deal - you get to know 5 things about me and then I get to tag 5 more people.

1) I was an alcoholic for around 14 years and managed to spend my life doing some pretty stupid things before I was rescued by Jesus Christ!

2) I am married to an amazing lady - Alyssa - who is the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, wonderful soul mate I guy could have. Alyssa is a scientist who has just started working for a mining company as a metallurgical clerk - and has won many academic awards for her studies in chemistry and metallurgy and mathematics.

3) I live about 300m from the Indian Ocean and wonder how I could ever have lived anywhere else - I love the ocean and swimming and surfing and just spending time on the beach in prayer, or watching the sun set or taking time to think and meditate.

4) I used to live in a town called Alice Springs which is just about as far from the coast as anywhere in the world can be. It's smack in the middle of Australia surrounded by thousands of kilometres of desert. I actually loved living there and count the desert as my second favourite place to be after the coast (what a contrast huh!).

5) I am running some astronomy nights in January (every Friday night) here in Binningup for my Fellowship (the Binningup Beach Christian Fellowship). I was heavily involved with the astronomy side of things as a ministry for a number of years and still enjoy spending time under the stars with a telescope, especially if it involves showing others the amazing beauty of the created heavens. The most commonly heard comment from people seeing Saturn and its rings or Jupiter and its moons or even just seeing our own cratered Moon for the first time is, "Oh my God!" Which then gives me an opportunity to say "Funny you should say that..." and to talk to them about Jesus.

So - in order to keep this tradition alive I am now going to tag, Hamo over at Backyard Missionary, my old mate Matt Perry at Matt Perry dot Com, Scott Vawser at No Guarantees, JR Woodward at Dream Awakener and last but not least, Helen Mildenhall at Conversation at the Edge.

Whew! Oh yeah, and - TAG!


Helen said...

Wow, this is the second time I've been tagged for this! (Pam H got me first) I'll share the same five things with you - I hope that's not cheating:

1) I was really into italic calligraphy when I was growing up. I had my own pen set I used for it. I got this out to write my own wedding invitations.

2) When I was 18 I got a job cleaning hotel rooms at Holiday Inn and was fired after 6 days :-) (evidently I had a 'defeatist attitude' - I think that was because I expressed concerns I had too many rooms to get cleaned in the time allotted)

3) I met my husband because we were taking the same math course at University. The reason I got to know him was, I noticed he was much better at math than me so I used to go and ask him how to do the homework :-)

4) When I started secondary school at the age of 11 I was the shortest kid in the school.

5) My parents have told me that when I was little I was taught a song which I sang "Cheese is bits of shine". That was evidently how "Jesus bids us shine" sounded to my unchurched ears. :-)

Merry Christmas!

The Creature said...

Thanks Helen - I'm sure it's not cheating!


John Smulo said...

I almost tagged you on this one! I'm glad Jamie did. Very interesting stuff. I really like getting to know others more through these things. Have an awesome Christmas.

The Creature said...

Hi John - Thanks for dropping by. Yep - it's a great way to get to know each other better.

You have a great Christmas too!

Helen said...

FYI Conversation at the Edge is on break until the New Year, so I posted my five things (same as in my comment here) on my personal blog and tagged five other people there.