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Friday, December 01, 2006


I promised myself if I posted anything even remotely relating to the church the rest of this week, I would do it in a positive light.

I love the church! It is the body of Jesus Christ, the universal, united, worldwide congregation of believers. But man does that other definition of the church, the denominational, institutional, religious, bureaucratic definition drive me up the wall at times.

I am sorry and I do promise not to do any more church-beating for at least a week ... after I get this out of my system.

Anyway - here's a video that sort of describes how I feel at times when dealing with my denominational HQ. No offense intended.



Shannon said...

Yes, this can be extremely frustrating! What is your Denomination affiliation if you don't mind me asking? Mine is with the Assemblies of God.

The Creature said...

We are affiliated with the Churches of Christ (in Australia). Not to be confused with the International Church of Christ, the non-denominational Church of Christ or the non-instrumental Church of Christ.

If my memory serves me correctly we are more closely related to the "Disciples of Christ" in the US. But I could have that wrong also.

The denominational leadership prefers to call us a "missional movement" rather than a denomination, but in my mind that is really just semantics. Although all affiliated members are independant and autonomous, probably in much the same way the Southern Baptists are in the US (I think).

I actually "came back" to God through an AOG congregation so have some experience with the Aussie incarnation of the AOG.

Shannon said...

Interesting. :)