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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blog-Geek Help

I'm having some problems with the layout of this blog and I haven't got much of a clue when it comes to CSS.

If you have a careful look at the 'MM' title image at the top of this page you'll see a series of fullstops (.......................). In what was a mammoth task, I swapped the standard Blogger title for the image you can see, but couldn't find a way to get around the display of the Blogger title. So instead of the Moved Mountains, which would have appeared over the title image, I inserted the fullstops, which are not so obvious.

The problem is though, they now appear as the title of the blog on the RSS feeds (etc) and one the comments page. I am hoping someone can help me get rid of the fullstops and replace them with an invisible Moved Mountains!


Shannon said...

I don't see the full stops on your blogger page at all but I do see appear in the rss feed. I have a bit of experience with CSS. If you want to, send me a copy of yours and I'll have a go at it.

David said...

You need to replace the '.......' with 'Moved Mountains' and then add the following CSS to your stylesheet;

#header-wrapper h1 {
position : absolute;
left : -999em;

If that does not work let me know...

The Creature said...

Thanks Shannon and Dave. I pasted Dave's code in and - whatdoyaknow - it worked.

All fixed. I've also taken Shannon's advice and opted for the pop-up comments window. Hopefully this will avoid the word verification problems associated with the other way of commenting.