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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Political Jokes

I should have posted this about a week ago!

Tonight I'm hosting a forum with 4 candidates running in the next Federal election. It's an opportunity for the community to hear from the horses respective mouth's on issues that are important to them and, hopefully, help inform the decisions they make at the ballot box.

But as the host of the evening I thought that I couldn't let the opportunity to take the mickey out of politicians pass and that I should tell a few jokes about politicians or the game of politics along the way. So far though, I haven't been able to come up with any that don't include Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and that are even remotely relevant to the Aussie political context.

You see, the trouble with political jokes, in my opinion, is they usually get elected (boom boom!).

I've got about 2.5 hours to find some funnies to use at the expense of our guests - so if you have any up your sleeves, now would be the time to lay them on me.


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