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Friday, July 20, 2007

Aussie Missiology/Ecclesiology

Hamo at Backyard Missionary is back in business after a 6 month hiatus and he hasn't wasted any time getting back into it.

is a ripper. I had actually already started knocking something together myself on exactly this subject but think that his post says it all so will save mine for another day.

The Australian church has to get it's blinkers off, there is absolutely no doubt about it. We pay way too much attention to the US way of doing things in this country, and that is reflected in mega-churches like Hillsong and Riverview as much as it is reflected in aspects of the emerging church (like the emerging rum rebellion!).

The Aussie culture is post-Christian and the church must come to terms with this if it is going to become relevant to the average Aussie.


Shannon said...

I had no idea that the Australian Church so so "Americanized".

The Creature said...

I think that there are lots of parts of our culture (and perhaps western culture in general) that are "americanised". This is primarily because of the impact US media - in the form of Hollywood particularly - has on us. At least 95% of what we see on TV and in cinemas originates in the US. Exactly the same can be said of the bulk of reading material available to most Christians. People like Joyce Meyer, John C. Maxwell, Rick Warren etc. etc. etc. feed the Christian masses here.

If Aussies are going to watch anything Christian on TV it will be Joyce, or Creflow Dollar, or Kenneth Copeland or their Aussie counterparts at Hillsong or Riverview (Two of Australia's more successful mega-churches).

So - yes, you yanks have a lot to answer for!!!!!! ;)

Shannon said...

I myself watch NONE of those listed on television. I am not a fan of! :)