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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Inside the Walls - 2

Matt Stone from Journeys in Between must have been snooping on my post from yesterday on those of us emerging from within an established, local church, cause he's posted on the same topic.

Check it out - How to Survive Church.


Matt Stone said...

I wasn't but I'm reading it now. I think they do dove tail together fairly nicely. Perth intensive eh? I suppose you've been catching up with know Hamo then.

The Creature said...

Just joking! But good of you to drop by ... :)

Yep, I know Hamo - although the weekend was the first time we met face to face.

The net is kinda weird in that way - you do actually get a sense of getting to know someone without ever speaking to them or seeing them in the flesh. Then when you meet them for real its like you've already met ...

Hamo actually used your little "but not of the world" over "in the world" table in his presentation at the intensive.