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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Fresh Start for Drug Addicts in W.A.

I just finished watching a story on Today Tonight about a Perth Dr named George O'Neil who operates a clinic for the treatment of drug addiction (heroin, alcohol, amphetamine etc.). His treatment program has been controversial and has been in the news a lot over the past 6 or 7 years, however it is also incredibly effective.

I was reminded of the fantastic work Dr O'Neil is involved with and wanted to encourage blog visitors to financially support A Fresh Start - the not-for-profit organisation through which Dr O'Neil provides treatment for drug addicts - usually at no cost to the sufferer themself.

Much of his work is funded by his own family and supported by volunteers. He has developed a naltrexone implant that delivers naltrexone into the addicted persons system at a slow rate over the period of a year. This enables them to completely and quickly withdraw from the problem drug. Naltrexone blocks the drug's receptors in the brain significantly reducing cravings and effectively blocking its effects if the drug is used, making it a wasted high. I have personal experience with naltrexone, using it in my own recovery from drug addiction.

His implant is worth millions in itself and he has received offers from pharmaceutical companies wanting to buy it. However, in order to ensure it remains readily available to ordinary people he has refused to give it up. Developing it and manufacturing it at his own expense.

Dr O'Neil's life is an example of kingdom living and I can't say enough about his work. So, please consider giving (via the website, from wherever you are in the world) to this amazing Christian organisation and enable it to continue giving sufferers of addiction a fresh start in life!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, this is brilliant stuff. I'll be taking it to the church for consideration. I think it's something that can make an impact on people that will have benefits for generations.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Super Shane.