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Friday, January 05, 2007

Missional Apologetics

Apologetics is a topic that has interested me for quite some time. I have dabbled quite extensively with different forms of apologetical approaches, both on the web and in the real world. Most of them have revolved around a fairly traditional, "the Bible is fact and I can prove it" kind of approach, that also involved tackling dissenters head on. And, to be perfectly honest, with a few totally amazing exceptions, the results have been pretty miserable.

I stumbled upon some stuff John Smulo wrote about missional apologetics a couple of months back and posted on it here. I felt like a bit of a light went on when I read it. I was struggling with assimilating apologetics with the missional/incarnational approach, without actually realising I was already involved in missional apologetics. Again, relationship and trust are the key, things that I was very aware were missing from many of the other apologetical approaches I had taken.

Anyway - I really just wanted to point you in the direction of John's new Missional Apologetics website. There's not much there yet but I think this is an area that is increasingly important to talk about (along with missional evangelism - I sense the line between evangelism, apologetics and discipleship is very blurred when viewed from a missional perspective), and John's work on a Missional Apologetic Manifesto is fantastic. I introduced it to the leadership of my fellowship at our weekly prayer time this morning. Didn't get a chance to run through it but I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

Ok, Ok, Check it out -

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John Smulo said...

Thanks mate. I really appreciate your encouragement and am glad you found it helpful. There is definitely a close bridge between missional forms of apologetics and evangelism, and certainly church as well.