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Monday, January 08, 2007

Crypto-Christianity - The Flipside of the Cultural Assimilation Coin

Sky Jethani at Out of Ur posted the following interesting piece on early Christianity in Japan. While the warning to the consumerist style of modern Christianity is clear, I think it also gives those with an emerging/emergent leaning something to ponder as well.

Ironically, it is often our zeal to protect our faith that leads to its loss. Abram was called to leave his country and follow the alternative ways of God. But when feeling threatened Abram disguised himself with the ways of Egypt, allowing his wife to be taken into Pharaoh’s house. Later, God called Israel to be separate from the nations—an alternative people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood. But in time they felt threatened and asked God for a king (a leadership model employed by their enemies) to protect them. The peoples’ desire was innocent enough. They still wanted to follow God, they just wanted to do it in a way more “like the nations around them.” The Lord warned that a king would rule over them just as Pharaoh had in Egypt, but the people refused to listen
Read the whole thing HERE!

Picture by Gordon Fortune - "Clones" - Used with Permission

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