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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maybe I'm Pedantic, But ... Email!

If there is one thing that really bugs me, it is tardy email replies. With the internet we have an amazing medium for quick, easy contact. Yet for some people the average time taken to reply can still run into weeks.

I recently responded to an "urgent" request for interested participants at a training day, I included a request for information so I could decide whether or not to make it a definite in my calendar or not. That was over a week ago, and I still haven't had the training confirmed. And this probably happens on a daily basis.

I am often forced to follow up emails with telephone calls which, to my way of thinking, really defeats the purpose of email!

I make an effort to respond to all my emails within 24 hours, in fact I usually respond to them as soon as I get them, as I find this is the most efficient way of tackling them. If I leave them too long they are likely to disappear off the screen and out of my memory for good!

So get with it! Answer your emails straight away and make the net a nicer place!


Rodney Olsen said...

I sent an email to a largish organisation early yesterday morning asking for some details. I wanted to give them the opportunity to put a positive message about their organisation in front of thousands of people via my radio programme.

Well over 24 hours later .... nothing.

I find this constantly. I hand a wonderful opportunity to various groups on a platter but they just don't bother to reply.

Of course there are many people I'll chase up because I want to create good radio but for others I just figure, if they can't be bothered, neither can I.

The Creature said...

Yep - Drives you up the wall!

I wonder if some people/organisations are just not terribly media savvy and don't really know what to do when a PR opportunity comes to them?

I used to find this a bit too when I was in the media. Some would even get all kinda cagey and start acting with suspicion. I guess this may just be one of the end results of a culture used to the likes of "Today Tongiht" and "ACA"! People are worried they will be taken for a ride. Though I doubt anyone would think that about 98.5!