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Friday, May 30, 2008

Jesus the CEO

CEO leadership and the church - it's one of my pet hates.

I was recently on the board of a relatively large Christian organisation where Jesus "Leadership secrets" were offered and discussed at each board meeting.

While the intent of the person offering the "secrets" was genuine and well intended, the "secrets" often left me a little hot under the collar at times.

Rick Meigs recently comment on this same topic on Blind Beggar. He writes:

Chris Blumhofer writes a needed corrective at Out of Ur on the trend to make Jesus the greatest CEO of all time.

Reading the Gospels for leadership principles like team building, vision casting, or ’seeing the potential in others’ makes a mockery of authorial intent and historical-cultural backgrounds. Such readings appear to take the Bible seriously, but they don’t do it justice; they simply create anachronistic interpretations.

People need to stop using the Bible to justify their church-as-business paradigm. Chris correctly observes that Jesus was not first-and-foremost a leader with a message for us, but rather a savior who loved the world enough to die for it. He was consumed with the idea of servanthood. If leaders want to follow Jesus example, they too should be servants.

Something more to think about.


andrew jones said...

its a good article. thanks.

The Creature said...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I missed you when you were in Perth earlier in the month.

Maybe next time.