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Monday, May 26, 2008

Ikawa Inziza (Good Coffee)

One of my favourite things about Rwanda (and Africa in general) is the coffee. It's usually served steaming hot in a large thermos. Milk isn't always readily available and so powered milk regularly takes its place, even so the taste is amazing.

I find myself having three cups with breakfast most mornings - don't tell my Dr!

We've also found a great cafe this time. It's an American Rwandan but has a very Western feel, with "real" coffee and it aint half bad. They use local Rwandan beans and serve Western style food, which is great when the matoki and maize starch start to get a bit mundane (watch the burgers - mine was rare on the inside tonight). For any interested travellers, it's called Bourbon Coffee and is located in the Union Trade Centre in downtown Kigali.

Ikawa inziza Rwanda!

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upstream said...

Sounds like its been a worthwhile trip in many ways!