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Friday, February 22, 2008

Propserity Doctrine - Part 2 (finally)

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Way back in October 2006 I wrote part 1 of a post on this topic. I intended to follow it up but guess I just never got around to it. Til now at least.

I was confronted with the pure studpidity of this theology while in Africa again last May. Benny Hinn was following hot on my heels in Uganda, and as a result the locals were doing a lot of talking about him and his fellow prosperity preachers and the effect their way of doing things is having on Africa.

I have been bothered for a long time by the possible side effects of this theology on the poverty inflicted people of Africa - its a doctrine that basically says, if you are not receiving material blessings your faith is somehow difficient.

You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar to guess at the kind of damage this take on things could do among incredibly poor communities.

I heard stories of large pentecostal churches where poor parishners were giving their homes, cars and money to pastors who were getting increasingly wealthier as a result - "obviously" a sign that God is on their side - while their church members just got poorer, and I don't doubt, very disillusioned with God because of his apparent lack of interest in their situation.

A South African friend of mine, Reggie, has posted on current investigations taking place in the US into the properity clan - Kenneth Copeland, Creflo ollar, Joyce Myers etc. He also calls for similar action to be taken against Africa's prosperity clones.

While we have plenty who espouse this asinine, toxic, aberration, I am not aware of anyone of the calibre of the American prosperity-posse actually active in Australia. But if there is, I hope that similar action will be taken against them as well.

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