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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Christian's have got heaven all wrong

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Hamo posted a heads-up to this interview on the Time website, with Bishop N.T. Wright on the traditional Christian view of heaven. I think Wright's got it right and I'll be passing this one around our leadership - it's been a bit of a hot potato topic out here in Binningup in recent months.

Here's a bit of what Bishop Wright had to say about the Christian misconception:
... Greek-speaking Christians influenced by Plato saw our cosmos as shabby and misshapen and full of lies, and the idea was not to make it right, but to escape it and leave behind our material bodies. The church at its best has always come back toward the Hebrew view, but there have been times when the Greek view was very influential.
It seems to me, now could be one of those "times"!

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