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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jim Wallis on the origin of the alter call ...

... and other things.

Helen over at Conversations at the Edge posted some notes from a Jim Wallis (from Sojourners community) talk she attended last night.

Wallis is a fairly prominent American Christian social activist, author and promoter of interfaith dialogue.

According to Helen, Wallis talked about the declining dominance of the "religous right" in the American political scene; the involvement of Christian's in all major (if not exclusively) social reform movements; the alter call originating in the anti-slavery movement as a way of signing people up for the cause; and, my favourite - a retelling of a time Tony Campolo, Michael Lerner (a Jew) and he were arrested at a protest and ended up in jail together where Campolo and Lerner began a very ernest discussion of christology. Wallis commented that "I think that’s the way to discuss theology - join together in social justice, get arrested and then talk about it in jail".

It's an interesting post. You can read the rest HERE!

Thanks to Helen for taking notes and sharing them around. :)

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