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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Action Part 2

Yesterday's attempt at "Action" in Bunbury was a resounding success on a couple of fronts. Although, because of work committments and life, the turnout of Alternate[Or] crew wasn't great. For most of the time it was just Alyssa and I.

One of the Alternate[Or] guys did get a long for a bit though, which was really great, particualarly as she had admitted to feeling really uncomfortable about the whole process when we had spoken about it on Monday afternoon.

After a few minutes of watching us canvass she was into it and going great guns! The fact that people were very responsive to our efforts helped heaps. Most people were really keen to add their name to support the cause of the child cocoa slaves in West Africa. In just over an hour we got around 60 letters signed.

I think we'll try it again in a couple of weeks time, hopefully with a few more crew in attendance.

The best thing about this kind of action (probably any kind of positive action really) is that it is a great learning experience and also helps build bonds within the group - as well as helping raise awareness and gaining support against child slavery in West Africa. This is why I really want to ensure maximum involvement in this aspect of Alternate[Or].

Hopefully this is one tradition that will become a distinctive of our group/church - faith in action!

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