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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sports Action

My boys, Luke and Samuel, had their first game of soccer (or football if your a purist), for 2007. Unfortunately I missed Luke's games but managed to sit in on Sam's.

I got my new Canon EOS 400D digital SLR a couple of weeks back (after about three years of saving and waiting) and so thought I would test it out on the sports field with some action snaps.

Here are a couple of the better results - my 9 and 3-quarter year old Sam in action in the goals for the Eaton Wanderers.


David said...

That first photo looks particularly good. Perfect technique as well, as the coaches teach with the eye on the ball.

All you need to do is photoshop a different background in, say, The Kop End at Anfield...

What teams do you and your sons support?

The Creature said...

Hey David,

I like the photoshop idea! Might give that a try.

I am not a big sports fan myself but the boys tell me they are Man U fans. So I guess I'll jump in with them - they have a little Man U kit they like to wear with Beckhams's name and number on it (they were disapointed when he left the side).

How about you?

David said...

They say 98% of Man U fans have never been to Old Trafford, I guess that is true for you 3.

(My local club is Crystal Palace, not exactly setting the world on fire at present).