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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prince Charles IS the Antichrist ... No, Seriously!

Maybe I'm a bit behind the 8 ball and this isn't going to be for anyone else the BIG news it was for me. But apparently, Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England, is the antichrist.

You can read all about it here.

I was talking about this with my mate Pino this afternoon and his reply ... "thank goodness for that, I thought I was the antichrist!".

I think he was joking.


David said...

Andrew, yes, very funny. I know you Aussies are famed for your dislike of the British Royal Family, but perhaps the antichrist is a little strong?!

He is just a bumbling fool, who is not so slowly turning into his foot-in-mouth father.

The Creature said...

Hey David!

I was actually once a staunch royalist. Now I am kinda ambivilent I guess. I don't have any strong feelings for the Royals but also don't really see any need to change the system here in Australia just to get rid of them - a rather expensive exercise when money could be much better spent elsewhere.

I actually met Charlie once, when I was about 10 - I did wonder about the barcode tatooed on his wrist .... ;)

Rick Meigs said...

What a relief to find our that George W. Bush is not the antichrist after all :-).

The Creature said...

Yeah Rick - this must come as a great relief!

Thanks for dropping by. :)