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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

Joy Mukagasangwa, the main teacher in the CUF primary school is in a critical condition in King Faysal hospital in Kigali. While doctors are unsure of her exact condition she appears to be suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms and is regularly having several litres of fluid drained from her lungs. Dr's have also found what appears to be a tumour between her heart and esophagus which, on top of the fluid in her lungs, making it difficult for her to breath or eat.

Facilities in Kigali are limited and Dr's would like to transfer her to Kampala but do not have the means to care for her on the journey.

Please join with us and our brothers and sisters in the CUF as we pray for a miracle. Joy is the mainstay of the school, is a mother with young children and a wife to Theo. In each of her roles she is treasured and important.

Let God's will be done.


Shannon said...


How are things with Joy? Any new word? I'll continue to pray.

The Creature said...

Hi Shannon,

Good to hear from you!

Joy joined the King early Monday morning.

She was 33 and left and behind 5 children and her husband Theo. If you can keep these guys in your prayers that would be great.



Shannon said...

Thanks for letting me know...I will surely be praying for them.