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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Missionaries or Operatives?

I think the term Christian Missionary is getting a little old fashioned and outdated. I know I often think of old ladies, crochet circles and cake stalls when I think of mission. So, I have come up with a better word, OPERATIVE. It is the word for 21st century mission. says operative the noun means "secret agent" or "spy" which I think is kind of cool - like Alias but for God! As an adjective it means "operating, or exerting force, power, or influence" and "having force; being in effect or operation" which is a pretty good description of what mission is really all about.

So as a noun it could add a new level of interest to mission in general and as an adjective pretty well describes what missionaries ... I mean operatives ... do.


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The Creature said...

I have to qualify something. A friend took exception to my use of the words "exerting force or power" in the definition of "operative" in this post. I don't think that missionaries (or operatives) should be involved in the business of exerting force or power themselves, not in the same way a army or earthly power might, anyway. Rather I was thinking more along the lines of God's power flowing through us as we try to impact the world for the sake of the Kingdom. Spiritual force and power - the power of God's own agape at work in and through us as His operatives.

I hope that helps and sorry if I gave the wrong impression! :)