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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Growing Christ Centred Youth - Part 2

Some ponderances on some of the questions I raised in my earlier post on "Growing Christ Centred Youth". I really would love to hear more comments/suggestions on these questions - I will post some of the responses in the future.

I am also looking for info on using "active learning" in a ministry setting - for both youth and adults.

Question 1: How do we grow/disciple youth in a way that is biblically grounded and "deep" in a culture that seems to think it needs entertainment?

Viktor posted this comment:

Tough questions you have raised. While the issues you have highlighted may have to do more with a developed country, I find similar challenges in emerging youth ministry. I have been a producer for youth programmes and I agree it is not easy to "deepen" the faith of youths. But one thing I have tried to do is to invest my time, resources and prayers into a few that I know God has led me to. Work with those few and pray that God uses them to impact others. It can be frustrating yes but who said God's Word goes back to Him without achieving anything?

I think Viktor is right - and that seems to be what is happening in my experience. I have a core of only 2 or 3 young guys who seem to be genuinely committed - of course they have their struggles, but overall they are growing and they keep coming back. But ... my heart goes out to those others, the ones on the fringe, the ones living on the edge. I feel like I need new ideas for challenging them (not pandering to them or entertaining them - I have plenty of options in that area) and inspiring them and leading them.

So I guess a partial answer to Q 1 is:
"work with the ones that are making the moves in the right direction and encourage them to become "salt and light". A committed few is better than a non-committed, entertained multitude."


Tim said...

I remind myself that my job is not to reach EVERY student out there -- that's totally unrealistic. Rather, I make sure I'm diligent and responsible with the opportunities God gives me with the students I already have. That's not to say I remain inward-focused at all, just that stay focused on training and investing quality time into a few students so they'll do the same with others rather than trying to reach everyone out there by myself.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of investing in a few is definitely where much of your focus needs to be. The longer I am alive the more I realize that life change happens in the smaller more intimate settings.

Obviously you know this but Christ obviously prioritized much of his time with his small group as well.

The Creature said...

Thanks for your thoughts guys. Do you have any suggestions for the other questions posed in the post linked to above (Growing Christ Centred Youth)?

Mully said...

A good idea to ponder is how Jesus trains his disciples. Have a read of Matthew and consider Jesus' method in discipleship - you'll certainly notice a pattern. Afterall, he is the master!

The Creature said...

yep! Thats what we gotta keep Coming back to. And how many did Jesus work with?
Thanks for the link to the youth conference too. I have holidays from Mission and will definitely try and get along.Perhaps we could grab a Coffee?

Mully said...

Coffee sounds great. Let me know if you need any more details.

The Creature said...

No worries Mully.

I'll be in contact!