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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bali Bombers Execution

As a follower of Jesus Christ I am oposed to the death penalty. As a follower of Jesus Christ I am opposed to the execution of the "Bali Bombers".

If you agree, pass it on.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there will be many followers of Christ who will celebrate when the bombers are executed.

There's a part of me that wants to see them 'get what they deserve' but another part of me that is glad that I don't 'get what I deserve'. I've never done anything like what they've done but I still miss the mark on so many levels.

I can't support the death penalty and I can't support the execution of these three men, even though I recognise that they have committed a heinous crime.

The Creature said...

Hi Rodney,

I actually posted this because of a conversation Alyssa and I had this morning. I was saying just the same thing, that there is a part of me that is pleased they are being executed. But that created a real conflict within me. I am opposed to the death penalty, and therefore I must be opposed to it in every case, not just those cases that are not as confronting as that of the "bombers".

I'm glad I don't get what I deserve either.

Thanks for commenting.

Faithfulnathan said...

Interesting topic Andrew,... and contentious.

I don't support the death penalty either. I guess I just can't agree to the idea of killing people...

I just noticed something ironic though, in both of the previous comments: It would appear that Andrew and Rodney believe the Bali Bombers "deserve" death, and yet their comments are aimed at stating that they don't conscent to the death penalty.

The Creature said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your comment. I can't agree to the idea of killing people either, which is why I posted this! :)

I don't think Rodney or I were saying our opposition to the death penalty is contrary to our beliefs about how deserving these guys are to die.

I was interested in the emotional aspect I guess - that on an emotional level I could be, almost, unfazed by the execution of the Bali Bombers. There has been so much media attention surrounding this case and it has been particularly emotive, especially for Australians.

So, no, I don't think they deserve to die any more than anyone on death row deserves to die. Which is why I am against the death penalty, however I found my ambivalence to their case troubling which made me think about it all a little harder. I think for all of us, if we take a stand against something like the death penalty, there really can't be exceptions. Either it is wrong in every case or it is right in every case. Otherwise who can we appoint to make the distinction between which cases are deserving and which are not.

At the end of the day I prefer to leave the life and death stuff to God. I believe it is his domain and that it is not our place as humans to make those kind of decisions, even if some of us think we are capable of making them on God's behalf.


Anonymous said...

Just to add something to the last comment, you'll notice that I put 'get what they deserve' in quotation marks.

There certainly is a part of me that thinks they deserve to die but then I remember how much I deserve to die for the wrongs I have done. I've never murdered anyone or done anything that would have me sentenced to death in a court of law, but I still fall short of God's requirement for perfection and I'm so glad that God shows mercy to me and to others.

Faithfulnathan said...

Its got me thinking, how is it we've gotten this idea of 'death penalty' in the first place?? Doesn't it sound harsh; to say to someone, "you don't deserve to live anymore because of what you did"? I'm sure glad my dad didn't think like that when I was growing up! :)

I'm sure most people don't wish others to die, but I know some people talk like that at times, which is a bit of a concern...

The Creature said...

It is a concern. I think Jesus made the point clear when he spoke to the religious people about to execute the lady who had been caught committing adultery. "Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone"! I guess it comes back to what Rodney said about the fact that, when it comes to sin, we are all deserving.

Faithfulnathan said...

Deserving of what - death?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly Yes, thats exactly what we are all deserving of. We don't like to think so but thats a reality. It was through the first man that death came into the world and thats our lot, to live once and then to die. Only through Jesus can we get around that. We need to remember thst when ever we're passing judgement on others and they're situation. Super Shane.