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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The time has come for me to throw in the towel and give blogging up to those who are better able to make a useful contribution to the net-enabled world than I.

The process over the past 10 months has been interesting and, in a sense, worthwhile. For a while the act of blogging was quite cathartic (as an interesting aside - cathartic comes from the Greek word catharsis which can mean to "suck", as in pacify, but I thought it was also applicable to my blogging!!) and I have managed to meet and maintain contact with a couple of really cool people from different places on the globe.

I will definitely still be surfing the blogosphere - I have my favourite blogs locked into Bloglines - and will continue to read and comment.

To those regulars whose visits appear in my webstats - thanks for dropping by and taking an interest!

Cheers and all the best,

Andrew (aka - the Creature)


upstream said...

bummer mate!

i enjoyed your thoughts


glenn said...


I and many others will miss reading your thoughts here. God speed.

James said...

I too will miss your thoughts, and if you ever visit the states, please give me a ring (or an e-mail).

The Creature said...

Thanks guys.

James - email me (my address is on my profile) and I will definitely look you up when I am in the States!


See y'all 'round,


Shannon said...


My interaction with you over the last several months has been pleasurable and inspiring! Take care!

John Smulo said...

Will miss reading your thoughts. Keep in touch.

David said...

Thanks for everything you shared, I’ll miss your posts.